Other services

High requirements and challenges we faced during the years while working in the sector of parallel trade of pharmaceutical products fostered us to search for most flexible, reliable and best solutions that would help us to reach quality, effectiveness and speed. Now we can offer our experience based solutions for your needs. 

Pharma Dummy

Pharma dummy is a model of pharmaceutical product that can be used for trademark notifications, applications to medical agencies, evaluation, internal testing and other. By ordering a pharma dummy you will be able to evaluate the packaging and overall quality of the product before approval or repackaging. Outer cartons with braille emboss and 2D codes, labels for blisters, bottles or ampoules and patient leaflets can be ordered as single materials or as a full repacked product dummy.

Design services

Custom artwork design | Lakameda

To accomplish the full-service package, we also offer our pharma structured design services. We can offer professional and experience-based design solutions for pharmaceutical boxes, leaflets and labels.

We have developed a convenient and structured system for creating printfiles of pharmaceutical packages that helps to reduce workload, comply with requirements and streamlines the production of packaging materials for repackaging. You can utilize our created templates, library of standard sizes, carefully selected and tested materials and on demand processes for your best outcome. 

Kits of pharmaceuticals packaging materials

 We produce different packaging materials and in the end compile them together into a set of packaging materials to be shipped as one unit. Blue boxes are reusable and sealable plastic boxes which can be utilized in two ways: as recyclable shipment boxes to secure content during transportation or as on-demand set of packaging materials dedicated for particular repack order.

This allows to reach the highest security, reduce the risk of mix-ups and damages during transportation and simplifies the process for all stakeholders in the process of medical products repackaging.